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African dishes you must try

Due to its various regions and influences, Africa is a wonderful playground for every gourmand in the world. With a wide variety of cooking styles, intriguing receipts and rich flavors, there is no doubt that many people who try the local food will come back for more. From South Africa to Morocco or Libya, your taste buds will be thoroughly pampered.

For the South Africa lovers, bobotie is an authentic dish you should try on your holiday. You will appreciate the balance between the sweet flavors of the fruit jam or chutney, the spicy curry and the aromas of the minced beef. Serve it with potatoes, pasta or rice at the Burgundy restaurant in Hermanus for a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

You cannot ask for a more delicious chicken stew than the doro wat that you will find in Ethiopia. If you swing by the Kategna restaurant in Addis Ababa, do not hesitate and taste the exquisite dish made from wat, an Ethiopian kind of onion, chicken thighs, traditional spices and other different vegetables. It can be served on top of salads for a more refreshing meal.

In case you pass on your journey through Tanzania, you should not miss on something tasty that everyone will enjoy for lunch or dinner. Grab a plate of pilaf or pilau at the Luukman restaurant in the Zanzibar city where you will take joy in the huge servings. Pilaf is a national treasure prepared with rice and broth made out of meat, vegetables, chicken, spices or seafood.

No culinary exploration in Africa is complete without shakshouka which is popular in northern side of the continent. Take pleasure in the perfect combination of poached eggs and a yummy sauce that consists of tomatoes, parsley, garlic and onions all spiced with cumin.

With so many home-based cuisines, Africa reflects all its history and culture in food. Explore all you favorite countries and visit the best restaurants!

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